How to program and activate crystals

Crystals could be “programmed” or dedicated to a specific purpose of your choosing (best time= after cleansing it).

1-Choose a crystal that resonates with your desired intention.

2-Feel the energy of the crystal (in your hands).

3-Get into a calm and relaxed state of mind (you can take a deep breath, light on an incense, sit quietly, use meditation music etc.)

4-Visualize yourself living your intention (place the crystal on your third eye).

5-Send your feeling of gratitude (hold the crystal over your heart and send out your feelings of gratitude into the Universe).

6-Feel the joy and let it flow from your heart right into your crystal. Then go ahead and just say: “May it be done. It already is. Thank you.”

You can also:

-Do a quick meditation. Hold the crystal in your hands thinking about your intention.

-Use positive affirmations (e.g. repeat aloud: I am love, I attract love, I am a prosperity magnet etc.)

-Write down your intention on a piece of paper and place the crystal right on top of it.


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