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Pile one
You are at your most creative now, and whatever you apply yourself to will lead to the fruition of your dreams. Remember that all your ideas are channeled from a higher Source. Be brave, embody your light and shine in the face of uncertainty. Allow confidence and composure to guide you toward your desires. This pile reminds you to stand strong in your beliefs.
Little sign you’re on the right path: you’ll see a white feather within three days.

Pile two
Be sure you are being honest with yourself. Avoiding responsibility means giving up the power to grow.
Alternatively, you may be the victim of someone else’s betrayal. Look out for any sneaky behaviour and listen to your intuition when something does not feel right or seems too good to be true.
Psssst: be careful who you tell your secrets!!

Pile three
Gentle reminder: you create your reality. If you are feeling trapped, look beyond the veil of illusion. It’ only a perspective that can be lifted. We are never really stuck. We can’t control every experience that is put on our path, but we can work on how we respond to each one. Let go of old stories, let go your past and also low-vibe thoughts. Do not waste energy… resist the urge to feel restricted, confused, powerless. Replace negative beliefs with positive ones, and you will start to create a more favourable situation for yourself. Look at this card and feel the power inside of you.

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