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Pile one
-There is a greater purpose for all that’s going on in your life..
-Stop being stubborn about the truth. Walk away from those who took advantage of you or those who were not adding value to your path.
-Do you often see hummingbirds? Challenging times are over and healing can begin.

Pile two
-Trust the process and divine timing, the best is yet to come.
-You’ll find a new partner within three months (for single ladies).
-You have both strong and caring nature: this kind of charm will bring you love.
-I see The Star tarot card for you: a great joy after turbulent times.

Pile three
-You need start something new (new habit, new lifestyle, new workplace or relationship).
-Never understimate your abilities or the power you hold.
-Just know that you deserve to receive good in all ways. Tell it to yourself!
-If you’re finding coins in unexpected places, see them as a special gift from an angel. Collect them as a sign of celestial support. You can also see a lot of angel numbers: 22:22, 333, 444, 11:11

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