Pick a symbol: instagram 22/08/22

-Your love life will improve.
-A new and blissful relationship or a long-term commitment is on the way.
-You’ll learn to trust your heart and your intuition with other people.
I see a new house for some of you or a time of joy and relax with children/family.
Keep in your mind the word “rainbow”. Soon you’ll understand why.

You are following an unconventional path and you’re going to reach a lot of joy and satisfaction.
-Believe in your magic and uniqueness. Keep working on rising your vibration.
-Your inner wisdom is a gift: free yourself from prejudices and share it with kindred souls.

You’ll manifest wealth and abundance by maintaining a steady focus on your goals and acting conservatively.
-Your career will become more stable and fulfilling (especially for writers, lawyers, counselors, traders, brokers).
-Little extra advice: respect money but don’t become so attached that you lose sight of what’s most important to you.

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