Wise Woman tradition

e44b96315d849847363817f85159be01“I begin at the center, says the wise woman seer.
“I come from the chaos and the completeness at the center of the spiral.”
“I am vital, moving, growing, unrestricted in resources, as I am born in the Wise Woman tradition.”
“In the natural flow of my expansion and enrichment, I encounter pain; I lose control; I die.”
“In the natural flow of my curiosity and play, I discover joy and wisdom. I am born.”
“Pain is inevitable, suffering optional in the Wise Woman tradition.”
“When I hurt (when my heart hurts, when my head hurts, when my shoulders hurt) I nourish myself: I nourish my heart, my head and my shoulders. I nourish myself and am strengthened, transformed and deepened; my vibrational rate increases.”
“I expand. I open my spiral. I ask myself, ‘How can I make this problem my ally? What is the gift of health / wholeness / holiness here?’”
“I gain energy with each sickness or problem. My range of resonance and my capacity to receive and to share increases every time I encounter pain and loss and make it my ally.”
“I ally myself with all that I resist and thus become whole. I regain my holiness. Every time I nourish myself in my pain, honor my distress, and love my uniqueness, my vibration is vitalized and the spiral gets bigger, and more open, and more forceful.”

Susan S. Weed

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